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On the Road - Veendam Cruise June 2005


This is Jeanette Trumbly, a native basketweaving artist from Alaska. She is 63 years old and teaches basket weaving and sells her baskets. She can be found at the Native Heritage Center in Anchorage on Wednesdays and Thursdays with her baskets. 
Jeanette may be reached at:
3706 Arkansas Drive
 Anchorage Alaska, 99517
 She is the Artist-in-Residence aboard the Holland America Veendam inside passage cruise of June 26th, 2005.
She has been weaving since she was a small girl learning her craft at her mother's knee.


Jeanette is teaching a class on the Lido deck next to the pool. She is instructing Jewel from Florida and Mary Ruth  from Virginia.
She likes classes of three or four and has instructed up to 15 at a time.  We had a glorious morning learning this craft. The process is simple to learn, but slow to perfect and the materials are hard to acquire.  Her sea grass comes from the Bering Strait - not the sea grass that grows on the land - only the sea grass that grows in the sand is fine enough. The grass is only harvested in October -  that sounds like a cold time of the year in that part of the world. 


This is a sampling of Jeanette's baskets. Traditionally, they were woven to contain needles and thread which were very precious in Alaska as the husbands would carve sewing needles from ivory.
The texture of these sea grass baskets is satiny and very soothing to the touch. Her weaving is very tight and the lids are snug and secure.



Jeanette calls this a "Family Basket".  It separates into three  baskets, each of the two smaller baskets becoming the lid of the next larger basket. She says it took her two weeks and many hours to complete this marvel.  It is about 8 inches tall. 

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